White Mike’s Ultraviolet Krampus (a la choy)

Here’s what folks do with Surlys. They make them more violet than they were born….and that’s even more super rad!

Michael Kauk sent us six metric gnome tons of Krampus pixels the other day along with some spec’s for his Lavender? Lilac? Violet? Purple Singlespeed Krampus. I lived through the original purple anno period of the early 90’s and still kind’a love me some burple blingage, so without further ado, we present White Mike’s Violet Krampus – ala choy.

Here’s a  few thoughts from Mike about his new ride-

I cannibalized my Kona Raijin to make this build happen so some of the parts are used. The front is set up tubeless, I’ve gotten the rear 27tpi tubeless, but if I don’t check pressure regularly the bead will unseat. Going to a 120tpi soon as the Kevlar bead is easier to convert to tubeless. This thing mobs. The bottom bracket feels significantly higher than my Fatback, so definitely a different beast. Monster truck feeling. I want to thank Volker bike shop in KC, MO for getting me all the parts and Groody Bros. for the killer job on the powder!

Fat and single, repping team 8 lumens. Fat bikes for life. Beer x Bikes

White Mike

The Components

  • Size Large Frame (20″) Michael is a lanky 6’1.5″
  • Powdercoated Lilac with Violet Sparkles by Groody Brothers
  • Limited edition purple Chris King components (SS rear hub)
  • Whisky Carbon Riser bar
  • Salsa lock-on grips
  • Thomson set back post
  • Thomson X4 stem 80mm
  • Shimano XT brakes
  • Avid HS1 rotors
  • 27tpi rear Knard
  • 120tpi front Knard
  • Velocity Dually rims
  • XTR crankset 175mm
  • Chris King bb
  • XTR pedals
  • 32 Tooth E13 ring
  • 20 Tooth King Cog
  • Specialized Phenom seat 143mm width


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