The Salsa Ponyrustler Gets Ridden

By – Michael McColgan


This past weekend the Salsa demo van was in town showing off some of the 2016 bikes.  Like most companies there are a lot of tweaks to existing models, and then there’s the super drool worthy, brand new stuff, that we all want to thrash, I mean test.  My hope was to get some time on the new 29er+ Deadwood and the 27.5+  full suspension Ponyrustler and see if they make me do my happy dance.  Unfortunately, the Deadwood was unavailable.  But I did get to some time on the Ponyrustler Carbon XO1 and yes….it did make me dance a little.


I snapped a few pics while waiting for everything to get set up and then it was time to ride. Luckily, I was early, because this was the bike most people came to see….and I can see why.  I rode a lap and then, I handed it off to the next guy but it was a fun lap.  The trail where Salsa, held their demo is practically across the street from my house, so it’s a trail that knows me well.  I made a point to hit every root and rut, yet still turned in one of my faster lap times.  And on the washboard sections that generally requires standing, I sat and spun with no damage to my man parts.  Hooray for damage free parts!


This was an extremely fun bike to ride and is worthy of further exploration.  I had fully planned to hang their all day and take my turn cycling through the wait list(no pun intended) but mother nature decided to open up the skies and close the demo early.  Kudos to Salsa for closing up shop early, for the sake of keeping our local trails in good shape.  This is a bike that we’ve just got to put some serious saddle time in, to really see if it’s the bees knees. Stay tuned for a full test!

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  1. You could make this extra fun by adding a dance off and some disco balls/ funky lighting..
    This one is especially good for the older kids.

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