Product Spotlight WTB Scraper i45 rims

After seeing these way back in February, lookie here! WTB’s Scraper i45 rims are in the test cycle. These are the 2nd 27-plus rim we’ve received and they look like good ones!

WTB targets the Scrapers at the Adventure, Plus-bike and Bikepacking markets. Being we will be mounting up whatever 27.5 x 3″ or larger tires that we can find!


Using WTB’s TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) these rims are, of course, tubeless ready and made from WT69 Alloy. Wheel builder Jim likes the fact that these are high tech rims but still allow us to use traditional J-bend spokes. Should we build these up with CX-rays? Yes, I think we should!


WTB also included their 30mm TCS rim tape and a pair of TCS valves which is nice because the Plus Bike platform is one that really benefits from tubeless setups.

The 45 in the name refers to the inner bead-to-bead measurement of 45mm while the outer wall-to-wall dimension is just shy of 50mm. Nice and wide for our plus bike pleasure!


The Scrapers we have for testing have a claimed weight of 650g according to WTB’s website but the Park Tools digital scale in the shop tells a slightly different story. 688g for one and right at 700g on the other. Just to be sure I used a second scale and the weights were within 2g of the Park scale. Not a big deal to us but if you are a weight weenie 3 ounces is 3 ounces.

The WTB Scrapers are also available in a 29” version for all you 29-plus fans out there.

We will be building these into a full wheelset very soon. The I9 hubs are enroute plus we’ve got several sets of 27-plus tires on the way, as well as Vee Tire Traxx Fattys already in the test rotation, so these wheels will get a work out rolling whatever 27-plus tires we receive. Stay tuned for more!

Retail price of the WTB Scraper rims is $149.95.

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