Maxxis Appalachian Summit by Chris Reichel

Maxxis tires invited a select group of journalists and suppliers to their home state of Georgia for a little southern hospitality and to show off some of their new tire offerings. Nestled in the north Georgia mountains, Mulberry Gap is a little piece of mountain bike paradise.  We all stayed in quaint little cabins and gorged ourselves on delicious home-cooked meals every day. All within riding distance of the classic Pinhoti trail system. I heard more than one person refer to it as “Adult Summer Camp” and it would be our home base for three days of riding and tire talk.

High Roller 27.5x2.8 on a Piviot 429 Trail

High Roller 27.5×2.8 on a Piviot 429 Trail

Plus sized tires were definitely the theme for the Maxxis 2016 product line. They beefed up some classics into 27.5+ and 29+ as well as a completely new tread pattern.

Maxxis showed off 27.5 x 2.8 offerings in their classic High Roller, Minion DH and Ikon tread patterns as well as a new tread dubbed the Rekon. They pumped even more steroids into a 29×3.0 version of the Minion DHF and DHR for what might be the most aggressive 29+ tread currently on the market.

Pivot Cycles was on hand providing bikes for all to ride. The 27.5+ tires were all mounted to their 429 Trail bikes and we were all told to go beat up on them as much as possible. Challenge accepted.  The increased traction of the 2.8 inch tire was noticeable right away and hard to deny once I hit the loamy forest floor.

Testing out the big tread in the soft Georgia loam.  Photo: TJ Kearns

Testing out the big tread in the soft Georgia loam.  Photo: TJ Kearns

The new Rekon 27.5x2.8

The new Rekon 27.5×2.8

Minion DH 29x3.0 with a tasty beverage for scale

Minion DH 29×3.0 with a tasty beverage for scale

We not only got to ride all of the tires, but we also got to engage with the tire designers and engineers to really see what goes into bringing a treat to market. One lesson I took away from this was that everyone is really excited about 27.5×2.8.  It’s safe to say that we will be seeing a lot more tires in this size in the near future.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to ride the 29+ Minions since there is only set currently in the country. But Maxxis assured me that that I would be able to give them a roll as soon as they hit the market. Stay tuned!

Videographer, Tommy Penick ,was wandering around all weekend and put together a great little video that sums up everything really well.

The new tires from Maxxis for 2016 are everything you would expect from a company who has been in the game this long. Well tested tread patterns and sizing that is current with what the market seems to be demanding at the moment. The relaxed mountain retreat setting of Mulberry Gap was the perfect place to introduce their product and for us to meet the people behind the tires.


All of the new tire models should be available by summer. A huge thanks to Mulberry Gap for keeping us well fed and comfortable. Terrapin beer for quenching our thirst and to Maxxis for inviting us in the first place!



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