Interbike Ride for Reading

Interbike is the annual trade show circus of bike companies, shops, and media. New products get released and countless amounts of deals are closed. It is an exhausting week of non-stop, bicycle related activity. Mix that with the fact that it all goes down in Las Vegas, and you usually end up a jibbering mess by Friday afternoon. But, for the past few years, there has been an opportunity to break away from the madness, go for a little ride around town and actually do some good for the local community.

Ride for Reading is a non-profit group based out of Nashville, TN who’s mission is to deliver books to elementary schools by bicycle. By doing so, spreading the two-pronged message of literacy and wellness. They have grown leaps and bounds over the past few years, and with the help of countless volunteers, have now completed deliveries  in all 50 states.

This year, a group of about sixty people met up in the convention center parking lot to go for a short bike ride and deliver books to a local Elementary school. Pivot Cycles offered up their demo fleet for anyone not traveling with a bicycle and books were provided through donations. We loaded up our bags with books, and enjoyed a casual ride down the Las Vegas Strip under a police escort. We were greeted at the school yard with a flurry of high 5’s and cheering children. It was nothing short of amazing. The children were given a little talk where they pledged to read their book at least twice and to never throw it away… then they were turned loose to pick out a book of their own to take home.

This is such a fantastic event and really takes the sting out of a week in las Vegas. If you want to know more about doing a delivery in your community, hit them up HERE.



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