Interbike Outdoor Demo 2016

Hello fans of everything Plus! Uncle gomez is out in Vegas and the dirt demo may never be the same! Here’s the story….our amigos at Surly Bicycles followed up their sweet re-work of the Karate Monkey with a really solid toke off of the completely new Krampus. So let’s just start there and then try to get completely ridiculous….mmmmkay?


Surly announced their updated Krampus at the show and I took it for a ride today. They shortened the chainstays and kept the super bomber front end for the freak’n win boys and girls. Dirt Wizards are killer sneaks and folks that want to run ridgid, the completes are spec’d with a steel unicrown fork.


The new Krampus can run 148/142 or 135 with Surly’s Gnot-Boost rear spacing, staying true to Surly’s design philosophy. The Krampus was always pretty great, but it got even better.

I rode the Advocate Cycles Hayduke with the New Terrene Chunk Tires to see how they handled the Bootleg Canyon gristle and was happy I did!


B+ man……it just seems to be the right size wheel for me. Feels like home cook’n.


Ride that Chunk



Marin Pine Mountain 1 – MSRP $1299



The Otso Voytek with B+ Wheels



Devinci Kobain B+ In Bloom


Hutchison Taipan B+ Tire


The Lamere Dopamine with 29+ carbon wheels laced to sweet Onyx Racing Hubs and a Lefty. Like riding a cloud – completely ridiculous cush factor. So Much fun!


And if you want to go singlespeed, Onyx has cogs to go with their incredible hubs!

That’s what we found out here in Boulder City. Next up we head to the Interbike Show Floor at the Mandalay Bay Resort.  – More to come!

One last shot for Sven – #roadplus


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