Heller Shagamaw – First Look

We’ve signed up to test the Heller Shagamaw. Heller is a relatively new brand for the QBP mothership. QBP is one of the OG’s of Fat-Bikes and the creator of the Plusbike catagory with their brand, Surly, at the point of that spear. Q also owns many other brands like Salsa, 45NRTH, Cogburn and now Heller. Heller is unique in that their bikes are open mold carbon frames. Open mold bikes have been around the fat-bike scene for a couple of seasons now. LaMere Cycles, Fyxation and a growing number of other, consumer direct, brands sell these carbon fatties at an attractive price point. We tested the Heller Bloodhound over at Fat-Bike.com. I had the opportunity to ride that Heller Bloodhound, before we passed the bike on to Evan for the final review. I liked the bike enough to knock me off of my high horse and take a fresh look at ‘Open Mold’ bikes. So when the Q Mothership asked if we wanted to test their new 27.5+ Shagamaw, we were happy to oblige.


We had the choice between Sram GX1 or Shimano Deore and we are testing the GX1 version. The Shagamaw is the first 27.5+ hardtail that I’ve gotten to ride for more than a demo ride at Sea Otter or Interbike. I regularly ride a Surly Krampus 29+ with a rigid fork, as my full time MTB. The Shagamaw came into the test bunker and we built the bike up and got it out on our local singletrack right away.


Let’s start our first look with some build spec’s.

heller spec's


The Shagamaw comes with a dropper post and I really liked playing around with dropping the seat down on downhills and bermed twisties. The 27.5 x 3″ platform seems like the best combination of a 4″ fat bike and a 29’r hardtail mountain bike, that I’ve ridden to date. I liked the ride of both Heller bikes that I’ve ridden. The geometry and healthy amount of stability and traction of the Shagamaw, reminded me of a bike that I recently tested, the Borealis Crestone, which translates to –  pretty high praise.


The Shagamaw is going out to our Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot, David Glover in Moab Utah for a full review, so you can look forward to looking at pictures of the Shagamaw in mid-air and David’s review in a month or so. Till then…..

For more information about Heller visit – http://hellerbikes.com/bikes/shagamaw-gx1

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