Gomez on Dirt Wizardry

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks riding a fresh pair of Surly’s new 29 + Dirt Wizards and the first thing I have to say about these tires…. is that they roll WAY easier than they look like they’d roll. They’re an aggressively knobbed 29+ tire that I’d take into the most challenging tire situations that I’ve experienced. South Mountain in Phoenix – Fruita Mary/Steve’s/ Lyons Loops – Mah Dah Hey – Berryman – Moab – Gooseberry, are the kind of places that I’m talking about. In the plus tire world, the Dirt Wizards are the baddest mofo’s on the market. I rode these guys on our dirt/rock/root matrix, indicative of our typical single track that zigs and Braaps the glacial strata and these tires handled everything with ease.


I started with 13.5 in the front and 15.5 in the rear for trail riding. That seemed to be a good balance of a little harsh on the roots and baby heads and basically perfect for buff smooth dirt…or was it? After a couple of rides I adjusted the pressure down to 12F/14R and that seemed to be even better. We’ve been getting a healthy amount of rain and the Dirt Wizards seen to do very well when things get slick. Now mind you, that I abide by all official trail closures, so I’m not out there tearing up wet muddy singletrack, but in moist conditions, the DW’s are better than anything else that I’ve tested. I could see going even lower, tubeless, but I was running tubes, so I’ll leave the tubeless testing to our next contestant.

So enough with the old fat guy report….Next! we send the Dirt Wizards to our ace tire wrangler and the co-host of our newest monthly show, Fat Camp!, Ken Blakey-Shell! He’ll put the Dirt Wizards through their paces and report back with his full review – a la choy….that’s aboot 4-6 weeks, plus or minus ten days from right……Now!


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