First Look – WTB Bridger 3.0 27-plus Tires

Last week we took a look at WTB’s new Scraper i45 rims and WTB just sent us another care package with the new Bridger 3.0 tires inside! Let’s have a look.

WTB’s new Bridger is aimed squarely at the Plus Bike market sporting a 27.5 x 3.0 size with an open, blocky knob pattern made with WTB’s Dual DNA rubber compound and designed for aggressive riding,

Our test tires weigh in at 1121g and 1082g and are the Fast Rolling, TCS Light versions with a beefier model with heavier-duty sidewalls coming that is called the TCS Tough High Grip and is aimed at Enduro-style riding. Expect those to come in about 300g heavier.

The bead-to-bead measurement is about 175mm although it can be stretched a bit out to 180mm or so if you really tug on the beads.

The TCS bead promises good tubeless performance and that proved true as we easily mounted the Bridgers up on one of our 27-plus test wheelsets sporting Sun-Ringle’s 50mm MuleFut rims. The beads snapped into place with a satisfying “crack” immediately. We used a goodly amount (that’s about 6 ounces to you and me) of Stan’s to seal the deal. Mounted up, the tires measured right at 75mm from the outer edge of the knobby pattern and just a smidgen under at 73.5mm at the wide point of the carcass.



Conditions the Bridgers were designed for cover a wide range of Dry to Wet and Hardpack to Loam. The first couple of rides on the WTB Bridgers were great! From “damp” trail to hardpack, gravel and plenty of urban assault, the easy rolling characteristics were noticeable over the previous 27-plus tire I had on the test bike. The tread bit into the trail well and I look forward to a lot more miles on these. Keep your eyes out for a long-term review down the trail!

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