First Look – Panaracer Fat B Nimble 27-Plus Tires

Panaracer’s Fat B Nimble tire line ranges from 26 x 4.0 to 29 x 3.0 with our current subject right in the middle, labeled at 27.5 x 3.5. Let’s have a look at these 27+ tires.

Immediately apparent when handling the Fat B Nimbles is the weight. They are lighter than other 27-plus tires we’ve had in the test rotation. In fact, the Fat B Nimbles are 753g a pair lighter than the very similarly sized tires they are replacing. 753g is 1 pound 10 ounces folks! That is a big savings if light weight is your thing. They are also noticeably more pliable than some of the other current 27-plus offerings.

Listed on the sidewall as 27.5 x 3.50 let’s check out how these tires measure out on a WTB i45 Scraper rim.

  • Outter Knobs – 73mm
  • Casing – 76mm
  • Laying Flat, measured bead to bead – 178mm
  • Weight – 720g and 730g for our test set

We built a new set of wheels recently using WTB i45 Scraper rims laced with Sapim Race spokes to a pair of sweet, green Industry Nine hubs in 150mm front/177mm rear sizes to mount up on our Schlick Cycles APe test mule with a RockShox Bluto fork.

After prepping the i45 Scraper rims with WTB yellow tape and TCS tubeless valves, the Fat-B-Nimbles snapped in nicely to the tubeless-ready WTB rims. A generous amount of Stan’s, about 3 scoops in this case, and the requisite “Stan’s Shake” and the tires were aired up to about 20 pounds, ready for a test ride.

The tread pattern is open and directional with good contact down the center of the tread and the tires have a round profile when mounted on the 45mm WTB rims.

The APe was originally designed for 26 x 4.0 fat-bike wheels but the cool thing is that the 27-plus rim/tire combo is very close to the same outer diameter meaning that with one bike you can choose Fat or Plus. This would undoubtedly hold true for other 4-inch class fat-bikes with Blutos meaning you can pick your tire width to match your intended riding conditions.

Initial rides on the 27-plus Fat B Nimbles are encouraging. The light weight is noticeable, the trail grip on the hard, dry conditions of the local river trails is tenacious and on the transition ride on the road the tires roll well.

We’ve got a lot more riding to do to give you a final report but the Panaracer Fat B Nimble, at first glance, seems to be a viable contender for your 27-plus tire needs.

Curious how the 27.5 x 3.5 Fat B Nimbles compare to other tires? Check out our Plus Bikes Tire Data Page!

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