First Look – Manitou Magnum 27+ Suspension Fork

Manitou is back in the game in a big way with the introduction of new Magnum aimed squarely at the plus-size category is brand new and designed for 27+ and 29+ bikes.

The Magnum debuted at Sea Otter and we were stoked with our initial impressions having seen it and ridden it on bikes from several bikes including models from Specialized, Rocky Mountain, Trek, Airborne and more. Now we’ve got one in to test in the 27+ size.

One of the design criteria that sets the Magnum apart from other forks besides the obvious need to clear the newer, wider plus-sized tires is that the Magnum is specifically tuned to maximize the rolling inertia of the larger tire patch.

Manitou also tuned the small bump compliance to take advantage of the lower tire pressures that plus bike tires are typically set up at because 29+ and 27+ tires have a lot more air volume than their skinnier MTB counterparts. This means the tire begins moving and sucking up bumps more than the lower volume tires on a typical MTB. So, tuning the small bump compliance to allow fork movement early in the bump cycle is key to making the fork work well with the larger volume tires. In our initial rides at Sea Otter this was definitely apparent with virtually no stiction and very little impact need to begin the shocks travel.


The Manitou Magnum embraces the new 110mm front hub spacing (with 15mm Q/R) to accommodate a wider stance and is available in 2 different versions in the aftermarket for both 27+ and 29+ with fork travel being the differentiator.

We’ve got our fork in hand. It weighs in at 4lbs-8oz or about 2400g with an uncut steerer and the Q/R installed. We will have it mounted up on a bike soon!

For those of you who like specs here are numbers from Manitou:

  • Travel – 80 / 100 / 120 / 140
  • Spring – Dorado Air
  • Bottom Out – Adjustable HBO, Rubber Bumper
  • Steerer – 1.5” Taper
  • Crown – Forged Deep Bore Hollow
  • Offset – 48mm (27.5″) / 51mm (29″)
  • Compression Damping – MC2 Trail Tuned TPC Technology
  • Rebound Damping – Adjustable TPC Cartridge
  • Adjustments – Air Pressure, LS Compression, Incremental Platform Adjust, Hydraulic Bottom Out and Rebound
  • Leg Diameter – 34mm
  • Leg Material – 7050 Butted Aluminum
  • Wheel Size – 27.5″ × 3.4” or 29″ × 3.4″
  • Brake – Post Mount 180mm
  • Axle – QR15
  • Color – Black

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