First Look – Burley Flatbed – by Spinner Ryerson

First Look.  Some Burley trailers are designed to carry kids.  Some are designed to carry pets.  The Burley Flatbed is designed to carry whatever the heck you want.  I’m looking forward to see what this thing can do, or rather, what I can do with this thing.  Puppy surfing, rolling keg stands, stacking carcasses after a successful gnome hunt… we’ve got a few things in mind.

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At first glance this is the simplest and lightest option in the cargo/pet category offered by Burley.  It’s got the same 100 lbs. weight capacity as the Nomad model without all the covers and pockets and racks and other bells and whistles that you may not need, and hence don’t have to pay for.  It also folds up into a very nice compact unit for storage.

burley flatbed trailer (6 of 6)

No problem hitching this wagon to my Krampus Q/R. We’ve been talking about converting this to a fat sleigh for winter use, but we have plenty of time before we get to celebrate the coming of winter. MSRP for the Flatbed is $229 usd.

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Check back in a few weeks for a full review.

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  1. For many of the Plus bikes out there, you will need a 12mm thru-axle adapter from the Robert Axle Project ( I’m using it on my Specialized Fuse/Burley Flatbed. Great, high-quality product.

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