Favorite gadgets of Interbike

One of my favorite things to do at InterbikeĀ is find the little hidden gems amongst all of the big bike chaos. I spend a little time wandering aimlessly and just observing all of the booths without trying to talk to anyone. I found a few little trinkets, some mainstream and some not so much…

Paul Components are always making moves and they came to the show with an updated, through axle spin on their quick release. It’s available in almost every “standard” out there. They were also showing off a pre-production version of a stem they are working on getting to market real soon.



Industry 9 was showing off their Match Stick through axle system. Which incorporates everything you would need out of a multi-tool but stows it away nicely inside of the axel. All of your allen wrenches, a chain tool and even a handy spot for a quick link.




King Cage was at the show lurking in their usual corner with the likes of Twofish and Bruce Gordon. Ron is always re-purposing his Titanium scraps into cool stuff and this time it happened to be a Ti jump rope. Not a production item, but still pretty damn cool.


Jones was there with some cool new bikes but there were also a couple gadgets hiding in their booth. The GNARwhal addition to their bars. A simple solution to aero bars for the Tour Divide racer types, but still allowing a little more control over the steering. It’s not for everyone, but clever nonetheless.


There were also some plus sized fenders in the background of the booth, they aren’t from Jones, but an undisclosed supplier.


Shanna from Endless Bike Co. was out and about doing some old-school guerrilla marketing in the crowd, showing off her new narrow-wide 28T (64mm BCD) chainring. Endless is a one woman operation out of Asheville, NC specializing in American Made drivetrain components in all colors of the rainbow.



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