KramPug – Cale’s Initial Ride Report

KramPug – Cale’s Initial Ride Report

Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot, Cale built up a set of Rabbit Hole rims for his Pugsley, last week and he shared his initial impressions along with timecomparisons to both his 29r and his pug with traditional fat bike wheels.8721150623_9951d277c2_cHe rode his local 30 mile pavement/dirt loop out in the Southern California desert and the 29+ set-up was notably faster than his Pug with 26 x 4 fat bike wheels. He averaged 11.4mph on the 29+ vs. 9.2mph on his 26-fat. The new Krampug set up was only .2 mph slower than what Cale routinely averages on the same loop, on his Air 9 – 29r! Cale shared that the Krampug cleaned some gnarly rock drops he never even tried on his Niner. Cale added “It climbs awesome…it’s just super fun and set up for anything”. At the end of his report, Cale did offer a word of advice for folks that want to give the same set-up a try “For what it’s worth, it’s not a Krampus…it does ride differently.” so don’t go in to this type of set-up, thinking that it give you the same ride feel as a Krampus.


As you can see, in the shot above, there’s plenty of tire clearance for Surly’s Knard 29 x 3 tires.

wolftooth ring

Cale’s also  testing a Wolftooth Components chainring on his 1×10 drivetrain. Look for a full review coming up soon!

We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of our coverage of the 29+ platform, so stay tuned for more fat-bike fun, right here, on the pages of fat dash bike dot com!


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