27.5 x 3 – Surly Dirt Wizard – First Look

Last July at Saddledrive we showed you some prototype 27.5 Surly Dirt Wizards and now they’re available at your LBS. Our amigos at Surly sent us a pair and we put them through our usual examination. Here’s what we found.

bontrager barbegazi (1 of 1)-3

Weight – 1188g, 1244g

Flat Bead to Bead – 175mm

Flat Tread to Tread – 81mm

Mounted Tread to Tread – 75mm

Mounted Casing – 72mm

bontrager barbegazi (1 of 1)-2

We’re sending our pair of Dirt Wizards on a trip to visit Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot, Mr. David Glover, out in Moab Utah. Rumor has it, that Glover is riding  one of Specialized’s Six Fatties as his personal rig, and we’re sending the Heller Saginaw for some sort of a Colorado Plateau B+ roundup. We loved the 29+ version of the DW, so we have high expectations for the B+ version. Look for a review later this summer.

Dirt Wizard (L) WTB Bridger (R)

Dirt Wizard (L) WTB Bridger (R)

I took a couple of rides with the DW in the rear of the Heller Saginaw. before we sent them off to Utah. I ended up setting the DW up tubeless. They mounted and sealed on the first try. Both the DW and the WTB Bridger fit very tightly on the scraper rims. The first ride was on a 95 degree day, when I think the forest was sweating. (I know I was). The trails were a little greasy in spots but the Dirt Wizards cast a spell, made just for snotty black dirt. I can’t wait to see what Glover does with these tires!


For more information about Surly visit – www.surlybikes.com



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  1. The Dirt Wizard is a wee bit portly, no?

    Sarge is going to Jenny Craig!

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