1st Look Gravity Vidar 29 x 3 Tire

Innova Gravity Vidar 29 x 3 q wheel

The Innova Gravity Vidar 29+ tire has been on our radar for awhile now. One of my long-lost, gnome-fest cousins, Martini, ran these on his Krampus, last winter  and I found out about it from the ever-vigilant, Julio Dot Com. Julio also mentioned that the price on the Vidar was less than $40! Flash forward to last week – We ordered a set of them from Amazon for $34.95 each. They came in yesterday and we put them on the Park Tools digital scale. Our test tires weighed 920g, and 949g. Not bad, considering this is a wire bead tire.

Innova Gravity Vidar 29 x 3 tire

(L) Gravity Vidar (R) Vittoria Bombolini – Mounted on 50mm Rabbit Hole Rims

The Vidar is definitely not lacking in size. With the uninflated tire layed out flat, the bead to bead measures 180mm and the tread to tread is 84mm. We mounted one up on a 50mm wide, Surly Rabbit hole rim and the casing was 78mm wide and the tread width was 80mm. The tread is moderately aggressive, with rectangular cut outs in the center of the widely spaced knobs, which should make them shed mud pretty well. I’m looking forward to see if they grip better than the Knard that I’ve been running for the past couple of weeks. This has been a really wet spring in Wisconsin and when the trails are legally open, there’s still been plenty of greasy corners, where the Knard is sort of a drifters delight (as a rear tire). I’ll find out later today, if (Darth) Vidar, likes the mud, sand, roots, rocks and hero dirt out at Kettle.

Innova Gravity Vidar 29 x 3 tread

Is there such a thing as a bargain in bike parts? Well, we’re going to put these tires to the test over the next 4-6 weeks and see. We’ll share that report later this summer. Till then, you can see how the Gravity Vidar’s spec’s compare with all of the other tires that we’ve tested at our Tire Data Page – http://plusbikes.com/the-plus-bikes-tire-sizes-and-weights-list/

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  1. How did you like the Vidar 29×3? Did you run tubeless? Thoughts for these on 50mm wide rim? thanks

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