1st Look Surly Dirt Wizards 29+ Ghosts from another Dimension

Our pair of test Dirt Wizards arrived at the PlusBike.com – Test range late this afternoon and all plans for launching the fat-bike.com mobile command center got put on hold…..because this is the tire that we’ve all been waiting for! You know the first thing that we do, when we receive a new pair of sneakers, is throw them onto our Park Tool Digital Scale. Our pair of DW’s weighed in at 1007 and 1000 grams.

surly 29x3 dirt wizard and knard comparison

The dirt Wizard is slightly smaller that the Knard 29 x 3. When laid flat, the bead to bead width measured 170 mm and the outer tread to tread was 80 mm. I mounted the DW to our set of Surly Rabbit Hole rims and right after mounting the Dirt Wizards measure 73 mm wide at the outer most tread shoulder and the casing inflated to 69 mm at it’s widest point at 32 psi.

surly 29x3 dirt wizard tire sidewall

The knobs are 3mm tall in the center and a healthy 5 mm tall at the shoulder of the tread. The sidewall reads – “Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do” (circular logic). I threw them on my Krampus, Silver, and I’ll be taking them on a tour for the next ten days, to give them some trail time. These tires look like they can handle just about anything, so stay tuned for our live action report coming up soon!




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